Sunday, October 31, 2004

Quiet mama now I really want to go to sleep.

the end of a long day. thank you everybody it was very nice. but now i am ready to go to sleep.

Roderick does not seem to be convinced.

What is he looking at? The girls seem to be concerned.

Exploring the web with women. If mama is not available, at least two young ladies have to take here place.


Fooling around with two nice girls on the backseat of daddies car. Fun with big F.

Even swans give signs here. What does the sign mean though?

According to our host, this castle has specialised in exotic fruit for quit some time. this autumn apples look nice.

yes it two of them and not a double exposure

The old castle was beautiful in the autumn sun. Given wintertime started again today, the sun was lower than expected, giving a great colourscheme to the picture.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Junior on his own new beetle, honking the horn. Also waiting for the sun.

Waiting for the sun.

The streets have been renovated completely to welcome the new beetle

the shiny reflection of openess, still closed. Mmm might be a little to criptic.....

Even Jeeps can cry. Farewell. Drivewell.

Requiring lots of lighthouse electricity.

Needless to say that creates significant civil works.

In some cities the move towards nature is taken a step further, by creating real off road opportunities in front of the houses.

Some cities look like the country side.

No such thing as a Japanese pyjama party without taking pictures. I by the way prefer landscape.

The ultimate contemplation tool in its most classic format, the Blackberry.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Discovering the Internet, it is like a tv but with a mouse. Luckily mama is close. That makes discovery nice and secure.

Warm, light and with friends. Life at young age can be beautiful too.

Little boys like to drink. Their mothers like little boys to drink. Children are so nice and beautiful. And their parents too.

Devastated. The only word to describe te feeling. Giulia noticed this immediately and went after Roderick to console him.

Broadband by TPG. Movies on demand sent over the post, very popular indeed. MP3's sent by mail could become a challenger to I-tunes.Or? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Electricity the key element in the digital age. the buttons look so close, but when your mobile you might think differently.  Posted by Hello

What's next? A Treo with Bluetooth? All the applications give immediate access to all data all over the network? Questions on which the demand free product industry will find an answer. Posted by Hello

Boris knows the answer whether Media Center will suffice. Or is he cooking up something new again? Posted by Hello

Television is here to stay, welcome Tivo. Why o why is it not here in Amsterdam yet? Will it be obsolete given Media Center? Posted by Hello

Bridging the distance. Returning to be in the picture. The role of the camera can never be underestimated.  Posted by Hello

Never put your back to a blue screen. I was amazed that the monitor controls kept working despite the blue screen. The audience is appreciated even in difficult times. Posted by Hello

Putting elements in the right framework. A key skill in todays complex world.  Posted by Hello

Finding your way becomes extremely important. There are so many gadgets and aplliances. There becomes a need to find an appliance that finds appliances. Wow. Posted by Hello