Monday, February 28, 2005

Hassan is watching timeshifted tv. In a very colourful environment. With a ladder nearby, just in case....

Roel is stirring things up a little. That is one of the key elements of what a new MD is supposed to do. Shake, not stir.

Vincent is pleased too.

Jerre is both pleased with the results as well as with the process. It is clear from this picture one might say.

2004 was a great year. The shareholders enjoy going over the numbers in great detail.

Koos gives the thumbs up sign for the transformation.

Digital Port Rotterdam gives good advise for people coming from both sides.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

A new hat for the snow.

For Roderick it was one big party. He loves the snow and still refers to his visits to Sweden with the snow storms we went through.

Waking up on a Sunday, nearly March, one does not expect to see everything white.

The kids like it. The corner couch offers a great overview of the restaurant, ideal for little nosy ones.

It was quite a while since I was there, the little restaurant of Maison de Bonnetrie in Amsterdam. Boris took me there and it is actually nice for a break in town.

Friday, February 25, 2005

An impressive building, an impressive company and impressive products. Discussing what comes and goes to Tokyo.

A little drama must have taken place here, some kids mittens in the tree.

Wow can yours do that too?

Sharing the admiration for the blackberry. People can be happy with tools if they assist them in their daily lifes. Having a blackberry is definitely a lifechanger and very addictive.

Voice and datacommunication is happening to get new websites on-line. Sending out the right messages is crucial in these times of massive digital consumption and egocasting.

The day starts with all kids in a circle listening to what will be happening during the day. This is quite difficult when you are new to it. My little boy has to concentrate a lot.

School is fun! Day has no more anxiety, it is fun to be at school and there is so much to discover and to play with.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

For the last time looking at the lights with Chris. A big farewell, but they will meet again, that is for sure. Thank you for all the nice care of our little boy.

In the afternoon it is saying goodbye to the friends from day care.

Luckily there is a big castle with lots of knights. One of Roderick his favourites.

Finding your balance in these new surrounds is challenging. Everything and everybody is new.

For the little man it is quite a big step from Kindergarten. He needs to explore his surrounds carefully. Luckily his father is with him.

Another winter day, the first day Roderick goes to school. this is his new school the Willemsparkschool in Amsterdam.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Without a doubt no day can finish without at least discussing some snazzy gadgets and technology. In this case the audio/video/pc set up Peter has installed. Impressive and one hardly notices the cables.

Dinner with Peter, we went out to find the best ingredients for our meal from the China Chef. Nice and tasteful.

Then it is back to the Club to celebrate the relauch of PM, the magazine for politics and government. Interesting gathering with new and old contacts around. Discussing Tokyo further.

From the Club it is only a few steps around the corner to meet up with the ICT Department of the House of parliament. Based in the former building of the bank of my father in law. Interesting building loop makes it impossible to go straight to the fourth floor, only via the third it can be reached. Puzzling.

Next stop my club in The Hague. A club that has remained a ocean of calm and respect over the years. Also a pleasant place to meet friends.

The interior of the research company is sporting both a statue of the founder as well as the modernstyle waterhose. Most of the companies activities take place under streetlevel.

February snow. Actually quite rare in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Comparing apples with apples.

Apple and IBM nicely side by side. Two worlds joining in the publishing efforts. As one can see, digital publishing requires great concentration.

The digital content cottage industry starts with group pods or blogs, where likeminded publishers get-to-gether to create and share.

The fundaments for blogging and podcasting. The digital publisher and consumer have more and more advanced equipment to ensure quality.Which can be stylish too.

Being fondeled and taken care of. Podday has arrived, sporting enormous earphones.

Dressed up like an iPod with more or less the same safety instruction, but a different pricetag.

Arriving by express mail from the USA.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Very good indeed. The new applications I have learned and seen are very appealing. I will definitely advance from here in an ultra faced pace.

The finesses of Apple are being explained by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. An avid Apple user with lots of experience. The second thing to note is Boris immaculate dress sense. The suits by New Taylor suit him very well indeed.

Amsterdam can be proud on the achievements in ICT. There will always be room to improve and enhance, which the City understands as no other, but the achievements sofar are impressive.

Third trend - High speed Internet access. The Netherlands is getting more and more broadband connected. High speed Internet is the on-line oxygen.

Another trend is listening to timeshifted audio, either music or Podcasts. Sporting big headphones is very urban.

Generation C, one of the key trends according to Reiner Evers of is creativity. Famous brands as Onitsuka seem to implement them.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

....more than lifesize advertising for Axcent The Swedish watch brand. We will find out much more about them later this year when I will be travelling to Sweden. Frist beginning of April for the IPTV World Forum and later in August for holidays with good friends.

Walking through the ever crowded Leidsestraat, we were struck by...

Roderick had been ill during the nigth. Some sort of virus had caught up with him. In the morning he was feeling better (we did not feel that good) and we decided to go for some bookshopping to prepare for his first day to school on March 1.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Neville returns the favour of snapping a picture of me. (By the way that bike is not mine.)

On the way back from lunch discussing egocasting in general en podcasting in particular, we went past a chuch. More Neville you can find on