Tuesday, June 28, 2005

That was a wonderful trip.

What a great view :)

Roderick shows where mama works from the 'reuzenrad'

Big wheel keeps on turning....

I mentioned the big wheel at the museumsquare before. You can see Roderick drinking from the little fountain on the left. Impressive view for a four year old such huge wheel and he know we would be going in it too.

The other thing overdue, getting a copy of half-life 2, the ultimate in gaming with everything in there to make the computer industry happy for the coming years. Games that set new standards are welcomed by the industry so that the upgrades can be maintained and Moore's law will remain applicable.

Shiny happy beetle :)

Long overdue, especially since the trees are dropping their waxy drops, the new beetle is being correctly treated.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Driving home with the top down and Roderick enjoying the sweet he got from his aunt. Great weekend, nice wheather, good.

My father is getting in better shape again. After a very tough week following his heart surgery and staying at the ER, he is now on a normal ward. A very big relief for him and us.

Amsterdam has a big wheel too now. Stationed at museum square, unfortunately we did not have the time to try it out yet.

First time trying on the batting gloves, not for catching. Cricket catching is done without gloves, only batting and wicketkeeping comes with gloves.

Netpractice is very good to get the basics of cricket going (and later to improve the skills).

4-0 years, congratulations Nooij, you are one of the elderly now, join the team :)

Little feet of the ground

Niece Gina does not get through the entire movie....

Roderick has a puppet of one of the central characters. It goes with him everywhere and especially when watching the film of course...

After all that fooling around, it is time to relax a little in front of Pokemon, the new favourite.

Of course you have to obey the safety regulations carefully.

Fooling around on Marcel's motor, great activity on a hot day.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

In the end we like our fingersnacks, especially in the nice garden with this beautiful wheather. More pictures can be found at http://flickr.com/photos/10508572@N00/sets/492245/

One of the scoops of the day was the launch of blogo.nl and its founding father was one of the presenters today.Stephan Fellinger Managing Director of Blogo shared some of his thinking and activities with the group. Interesting to hear more from him and to follow the success of blogo. Is this the Jason of the lowlands?

Frank captured the images with a Leica lensed Panasonic camera. The image quality will be very good. His material can be found at http://www.rhinofly.nl/frank-ly/

Marco Derksen organised the 2nd Dutch business blog meeting today. Despite the extreme heat a good group showed up for interesting presentations and networking. Well done Marco.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The blue light makes sure that you have enough bandwidth to work. On-line oxygen, hard to do without nowadays.

Must be hot working up there....

The heat and moist creates condens on the windows as I enter the tunnel. Still the really hot wheather is still to come.

Summer has truly started. Given the current wheather, it is nice to be able to have meetings in the park, rather then in a hot office.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

After returning from the hospital it was time to collect my little Indian again. They were all very tired after playing for hours in a row.

Three bypasses have been created. All went well with the long operation yesterday. I was very very happy to see my father again. Just seeing all the tubes going in to him and the tape over the big cut gives an impression what he went through. We could only stay for 15 minutes as it was too much for him, so short after the operation. What a relief to see him again.

Today it is 'Indians' day at school. Roderick goes fully dressed up, with one of his favourite toys, a Pokemon ball. He would lose the ball later during the day...

Monday, June 20, 2005

The ON-demand generation is here. Things have moved to flexibility. One of the key strenghts of The Netherlands is the flexibility to pilot new services and creative products and then to export them abroad, using tools as mobility, language ability, trademanship and sofort.

Today was an extremely hot day. Temperatures went up into the high 30's.This morning over 30 was measured, even with everything open. The necessity to wear a hat is clear to me.

Things went well with the operation. Dad is still on Intensive Care, but all is good. A big relief indeed.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My dad will have heart surgery tomorrow morning. Our prays are with him from all of us. Good luck dad, we love you.

18 kilograms, he is becoming bigger and bigger :)

Admiring the fleet of trucks. To Roderick all this space is mind boggling. In Amsterdam everything is so close together and here so much space...

Reading the newspaper on the bench where his father used to read the papers.

Again and again...

Roderick loves going up and down in the elevator that was installed for my mother. The control over the lift is great for a little boy.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

But then the man with the hammer comes and the only thing you then want, is to stick close to mama.

After having trained and played for nearly two hours, it is time to do the faces to daddy :)

Roderick is joining the juniors at VRA in Amstelveen. He likes it a lot, but discipline is still to come. He might have a good cricket future being a lefthanded batsman/bowler.

Cricket is a true gentleman's game. Both team play and individual performance are important. It is physical as well as a psychological game where rules are applied vigorously and complaining is not in the book. In short an excellent educational and fun game to play or watch.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The comic book came with two finger puppets. Roderick and I had lots of fun with them.

Roderick is into Japanese comics now. I must admit that this books (though difficult to read) are great fun and are well constructed. Maybe an inspiration for a publisher here.

I want one!

One might argue that this is a strange phonenumber for a sushi restaurant. Potentially driven by the fact that 'go'sushi already was gone. Nice combination of Italian motoring and Japanese food though.

Interesting to see that not the entire world has turned to weblogs as their key medium to send out the message. Even the good old stencilling is still around. Maybe one of the better examples of 'retrofut'.

We had a wonderful evening at Cirque du Soleil. Good atmosphere to reflect on the meeting 'Kids and Telecom' last year and good to prepare for the coming one 'What to watch where' this year. My co-host Marjet van Zuijlen was also present. Looking forward working with her again.