Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lots of people for the 538 show on the Museum square. The grass will probably be replaced again......

Waving the flag, honouring the day of the Queen.

Roderick is not to keen on the crowds....

Kids are selling old 'stuff', self made food and drinks and do their dances.

A big crowd strolling through the Park, looking for nothing in particular.

Even with the special crown made at school, Roderick was not to interested in going out into the Vondelpark to have a look at Queensday activities.

Friday, April 29, 2005

X on the move, ready to start performing, nearly.

Apple's Xbox.

Got it too. The tiger is loose....

Got it! Now go and install it @ home.

Typical Macintosh users?

Customers eagerly waiting untill the cash register has settled the amount and they can take the box with them.

Inside the first customers are being served with the black boxes. 200 are available now.

I arrive just after 18:00 at the Mac shop, a que is already at the counters, clocking the new OSX.

It is a beautiful Friday afternoon in Amsterdam. Nearly 18:00 - release time for the Tiger. I am on my way ...

Afterwords the entertaining moments are discussed.

Surprise! Unexpected visitors that are going to provide that something special for the following morning.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Final thoughts being sent into the air.

Blogging retreat in the main room.

Short blogging retreat.

Vip spotting who is this behind the woman with the hand?

Anglo Dutch conversations.

Jason reflecting on the stairs with a lot of movement surrounding him.

The lack of coffee became too much for some after the break.

One of the guys from Ilse. After the very good key note of paul Molenaar, they came to check out the latest here in Paris.

Pictures taken like in a digital valhalla.

Co-founded blogger, maybe gave the t-shirt to the blogger guy.

Always in touch with the blackberry.

Joi Ito shares more of his thinking with the group.

Loic LeMeur. A happy and proud man, and rightly show. Well done indeed.

French is Halley's middle name. bi-lingual at least.

More discussion over lunch.

Filming the conference.

Blogger expressing blogger.

Discussing what went on before lunch, transferring knowlegde.

Gathering for food and drinks.

Les finger snacks.

An impressive man after delivering his keynote.

Last minute engineering adjustments to the new nokia handset.

Nokia life blogger blogging with the cable inserted.

Key new technology according to Joi.

Power to the power cable.

Eccky spotted...

Joi preparing for a very good keynote speech.

The podcasting conference will have plenty of headsets.

Stowe in ultra cool look. Krijn spotting the room.

The Dutch delegation is without a doubt in the forefront the live blogging.

One voice live blogging, laptop per seat.

Joi Ito and Loic LeMeur putting their wireless trust in the aforementioned Linksys box. The box served many live bloggers in the room.

The front row was completely filled with powerbook sporting blogkings. The wifi came from a central Linksys box.