Friday, September 30, 2005

Technology is not always the core of the quality, there is of course much more to good audio or video then just the kit used. On the otherhand the egocaster or MP3reporter will find that after toying a little with the technology, there are large differences between elements in the production chain.

The new digital studios are popping up everywhere with highly specialised professionals driving the technology. Watch this space for more to come on this topic or visit (Dutch only) to find some more interesting podcasts and articles.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today was another day with fast moving media activities. Both from the MP3reporters point of view, the egocaster turning into a roving reporter with the m-audio 2496 as from the tradional mainstream media's point of view, media are moving fast through the digital age. Still there is a digital divide between the professional mainstream media with the highest quality material and professionals. On the otherhand the quality of the 'prosumer' equipment is becoming so good that even professional multiskilled reporters are using it. Media will be an exciting area to be in.

Today it was an interesting day where I was allowed to chair the 8th edition of together with Marjet van Zuijlen. The biggest audience ever gathered in The Hague to discuss the state of play in the telecommunications sector, or was it the media sector as more and more media elements are showing up. HDTV was part of the programme not only in the discussions and presentations, also in the capturing of the event.

Next to the more tradional and main stream media, new media where around in MP3reporters or Podcasters, DV film crews and live (video)bloggers. More on the conference can be found on various places, on which more later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A very interesting evening tonight which I was allowed to host and chair. The cities of Amsterdam and The Hague had organised an industry analysis evening on the TIME sector, ahead of Two great analysts from the UK came over, James Enck of eurotelcoblog and Martin Geddes of telepocalyse. (The pictures of Martin were unfortunately not good enough to post).

They shared a fairly pessimistic viewpoint on the telecommunications industry, where slim to get fit seems to be the best effort, rather than innovation. Innovation is coming from new digital creative start ups, that require less funding but that can capture what the consumer wants. And there is still a lot to be done in that area.

The first blognomics podcast was made with these two analysts and it will be available shortly.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Much has been said about this mythical disc. The recording of the Diner Pensant 2004. The disc's theme was: What will we be watching? I am interested the see what the 2005 team will do.

The first in Europe! The M-audio microtrack 2496 MP3 recorder. Thanks to excellent work done by the distributor Mafico audio-specialist Vladimir Kastelan, the coming days I will be capable of making on-the-fly podcasts. The sound quality with the included stereo microphone seems to be good, the follwing days will bring us more on this item.

To ensure that digital creativity remains stimulated a lot of preparational work has to be done. Demanding and rewarding, that should be a good combination.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The carrier of digital content becomes less and less important, in the end the 1's and 0's can be put on anything. Transferring them from CD to harddisk to iPod or to the rest of the world has become household knowledge. Still there is room for the off-line world too. has an interesting combination of website and magazine with goodies such as DVD's or CD's. I see that many formats of content are or are becoming free, think for example newspapers. On the other hand people are willing to pay for an experience or convenience. The transformation is happening and following it closely is, well (cough) interesting.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Today was again a beautiful summery day. In the morning I went with Roderick and his class mates to the school gardens. What a fun they had over there. We drove to the gardens with the open beetle. The kids loved it and it is very enjoyable to be a parent then....

Following the school garden we met to discuss the challenges of the e-world between citizens and politicians. Challenges there are, but they might be conquered by disecting the topics one-by-one.

Then finalising the day, team cooking. Excellently organised by Elvire, we (over 60 people) cooked a nice four course dinner. As I had to take the pictures, I was excused for cooking, I think.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sometimes my experience and intuition should warn me better. A seminar with three breaks of one hour each on an afternoon session where one 'can network and visit the information market', is probably an interesting set up indeed. At the first break opportunity I left, avoiding the mingle and information market crowd. One thing I did learn at the hour attending that Event driven marketing, is not about event that can be held in a tent.

Coming out of the Beurs van Berlage heading home, I therefore was puzzled even more when I saw a big group of people at Dam square holding their arms over their heads, hand in hand with each other. This was within the circle. Outside the circle people where staring into the air. As this event was not in a tent, it cannot have been event marketing, nor was it event driven marketing. Or was it?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

After a day in the suit (to be honest I quite like being 'suity' for a day), I went to pick up Roderick again from my sister in law. Roderick has made a friend there, Joosje, and the two are inseperable. Very nice to see how happy people can be together.

Main stream media, certainly TV and Radio are excellent media to cover such an important event in high quality and different viewpoints.

On the other hand new media were discussed too for example by Pieter Broertjes of Dutch daily 'De Volkskrant' who last weekend launched their blogoffering and Paul Molenaar of Ilse Media, one of the largest blog service providers in The Netherlands. Their expert opinion is that the coming years more and more new media will be covering major events.

the third tuesday in September is a special day in The Netherlands. The government budget for the coming year is presented. After the presentation by the Queen, all gather for a little snack and drink in the House of Parliament.

Main stream media are very useful in these environments, not alone do they offer the Members of Parliament the opportunity to air their view and/or give comments to the budget, it also gives the Dutch population a high quality insight into what is happening that day from various viewpoint.

More pictures can be found at

Monday, September 19, 2005

Creativity and especially in a digital/on-line format is perceived as one of the growth areas of The Netherlands. We Dutch have been for centuries good in establishing a link between finance (money), creativity and execution.

In Amsterdam, the golden bend is one of the true historic environments where for ages in a row this combination has been made. Creating capital for the next generation of creativity is logically located here too.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend activities with still some nice sunny wheather. Roderick never tires of fooling around, here he is seen with a with cardbord box on his head playing at the grand parents. Sunday afternoon is nice for strolling, especially with the geese nearby.

We bumped into Phlogmaster Hans Arend and his wife, so expect to see a father and son picture over at

Friday, September 16, 2005

The on-line and off-line world are coming together more and more. The word convergence is of course not really relevant here, but one sees more and more that on-line propositions appear off line and the other way around.

MacDonalds is restyling their restaurant to enable the on-line proposition and one of the outlets is already totally restyled to a cross media hang out for the hip and cool.

Cross media outfits are appearing more and more too. Whereas in the 60/70's jeans and corduroy jackets were for academics, in the 80/90s for tv quiz show hosts, now they are for the cross media crowd. Not at lot of change one might argue?

On-line brands appearing off-line is another trend, started by Ilse Media and one can see the off-line apparel appearing everywhere! This makes one think what might happen on the big off-line gig on October 6.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I always liked Japanese food and especially enjoyed the dinner yesterday at the excellent Japanese restaurant at the Okura hotel, here in Amsterdam. Today due to a cancelled dinner appointment I can take a tastefull Japanse snack for dinner.

The trip to Japan in June was very interesting and has ignited some discussions and activities here in The Netherlands around for topics such as new media i.e. blogging and high quality HDTV.

This contemplation makes the snack even more tasty.

Being 'on-line' all the time and digital for the rest, I sometimes forget that out there still exists an enormous off-line world. Where the off line and on-line world are on a migration path to convergence, still both worlds have their own tools and ways of doing things. Today by mail arrived this wonderful example of a writing instrument for one of the vannispen legal entities. For only € 1.99 (quantity not important) I can order these pens, that according to the letter that came with it gives customers a gift that reminds them of the company the entire year.

Given my on-line digital lifestyle I am not tempted to order them, but let me know if you are interested, that might change my mind.

By the way, there was no URL in the mailing, just an e-mail adress was the maximum for the on-line world.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What better way to show off the real quality of HD then to use models that have a strong colourful presence. Here one of many examples on the exhibition.

Japan is on the very forefront of developments in the industry. Here two of the interesting new technologies; the super HDTV that has an even more improved quality and is excellent for example to project live football and some into the smallest details easily.

The other is a simple box that allows instant video communication.

Not a surprise that these kind of developments come from NTT, as they understand that in innovation and quality lies marketshare and profit.

Today was the second day I went to the IBC exhibition. There is so much to be seen and to meet people, one day was not enough. We as Amsterdam are very happy that the conference remains with us. Not only is it an important event from a direct economical perspective, but also for Amsterdam being the centre of the creative industry.

Monday, September 12, 2005

After having worked with picasa for such a long time, I found that it is possible now to add pictures in a simple way to the blogger blogs, without using Picasa or Hello. It requires some testing though to get it right.

Creativity starts by creating the right environment
In The Netherlands we are short on 'digital heroes' that serve as examples to the youth. Therefore we have to take a little different route and inform each other well of our thinking, planned actions and sofort. The Minister of Economic Affairs shows to be willing to interact with the creative sector and jointly to move forward.

Bas Verhart of Mediarepublic shared his thoughts with the group. He stated that The Netherlands are in a good position to get the benefits of the activities happening in the digital age. Not only is broadband common here, also production of video and tv formats is good next to the penetration of services such as MSN Messenger. Bas agrees that taking things a step further is important for Amsterdam as digital mainport for our nation. Therefore he is organising the cross media week in Amsterdam, most likely some activities will be done at Mediawharf, a logical place.

Today Mediawharf hosted an important creative capital meeting. Capital both in it was held in the Dutch Capital Amsterdam, at Mediawharf's premisses and in the creative capital that was gathered around the table. Next to the Alderwoman of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Economic Affairs, people from the creative industries were invited. For example Fabchannel shared their activities and received the attention it deserves.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

One of the elements was to determine how connected, digital and on-line we all are. Without a shadow of a doubt, Vincent was the # 1.

Analysing the environment and the available assets, people and tools is a smart business thing to do every months. Where are we, where are/should we be moving, with whom etc. In short the InterimIC strategy weekend. This time in Roden in the ultimate north of The Netherlands.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The blue screen background (nowadays more often green) offers the opportunity to bring an actor in any environment one can image. This Japanese girl is especially flown over to Amsterdam to appear in wonderful environments.

NHK together with some other Japanese firms are already moving to the next stage of HDTV, with extremely fast cameras that capture everything immediately. Moving picture consumption has a lot to expect.

Visiting one of the major content and content production exhibitions in Europe, fabulous and very interesting exhibition with many new elements added to the portfolio of content around. Digital content and especially HDTV are on everyones lips. HDTV indeed creates a much nicer and vibrant television consumption. A real pitty that The Netherlands are sofar behind in deployment. Things migth start to change as major Service Providers such as UPC are introducing new digital content and channels.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Re-entering the house through the roof, with the help from the neighbourhood friends. What a thrillseeking day for the MTV generation.

Roderick, chair left, Caroline right...

Whilst Caroline is talking to the neighbours and Roderick is performing as model, the chair that keeps the door open, slips away. No keys...