Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Virtually the same angle, Meus prefers the analog way, I like to do as much as possible digital. I need to figure out how to get the UMTS going on my Apple, because I miss the on-line oxygen.

It is a broadcast tower, no a GSM tower. Though probably the basestation is connected on the tower.

My own bug spend much of the day parked inside with a view towards the sun. With the flue still in the system, I wasn't temped to have an open ride. But that will happen soon, wheather permitting.

Two generation of the bug. With the sun coming out again, it will be nice to drive with the hood down.

In Japan indoor competitive cycling is very popular. Roderick is not trying to emulate this, but is sporting the bike he got from Babette. He is very happy and proud with this bike.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Caroline and Roderick brought me some nice flowers. I felt much better after receiving such nice gifts and so much love.

But the best way is playing Podcasts over the loudspeakers. Then it appears to be radio at is best. On demand, with topics and music I like, random or selected and all options available. It becomes clear though how quickly things fill up with podcasts. My 1 GB shuffle is full before you know it, and already I have a podcast archive of multiple GB's on my Powerbook.

...ensuring some more podcasts on the shuffle in the proceedings...

...built-in speakers of the Powerbook...

I am on the otherhand still ill with the flue. With Roderick and Caroline to see the grandparents, I have the opportunity to spend some more time on daypodding. Having the opportunity to test out several podcasts over the standard earphones...

The weekend after your birthday is great, so many new toys to play with. You do not even want to go out...

Friday, March 25, 2005

Having the first mail again on the Blackberry in three days is wonderful. Now I know the rationale behind the 'crackberry' typology....

Preparing a trip to Tokyo is not easy. Given the itinerary, there are many items to consider. Good research, preparation and the right input and feedback mechanisms are pivotal.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Roderick is very happy with the little black friend that came back with me from the trip to the ICT centre. Lyc as he is named is a fine companion when watching the qwebbles again. Very exciting to watch the qwebbles (The movie The Incredibles), but then when it becomes a little too exciting then it is nice to have a little friend to squeeze a little now and then or to hold tight...

This looks more like it. A real ICT centre, in the middle of the sereen surrounds. Even with easy free parking in front of the building. Not bad if one comes from Amsterdam where such niceties are very rare indeed.

A nice and friendly surround with lots of green, water, animals and a church, does not seem to be an ideal location for a Internet company.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

But rapidly the happy face is back on again. What a great fourth Birthday, even though it was a couple of days late....

Roderick is becoming possesive when his niece picks up the big bus.

The end of the afternoon is spent watching the incredibles, or qwebbles as the little ones call them.

Anniek is set up for police work.

The Pirates together.

Krijn keeps pushing his luck. Circus to come?

Blowing out the Birthday candles was finished in less than a second. the only proof, believe me there were four candles lit.

Even more gifts coming out of everywhere.

Best friends sharing the Birthday gifts. What an excitement, what a fun

A Bob the Builder cake to celebrate Happy Birthday for the four year old.

At the only appointment of the day, some distressed fathers are on top of the congres centrum to share their frustration with the policy. Being a father myself I can understand the importance of being with your kids, the funny outfits are a little more of a question.

One little happy pirate. His birthday is on March 21 but because I was in France we transferred the event to today. This is the little man at crack of dawn with his pirate set.

The last picture of the trip, more can be found on at my account in the set Combloux 2005.

Meus shows the incredible characteristics of the Edwin jeans to the bystanders. They remain a little sceptical.

Cees is taking a more relaxed attitude.

Richard is giving the example, it is after all a working weekend.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sorting the admin details.

After the tranquility and inspiration of the woods surrounding Nijenrode, it was a harsh reality being bumped in the car butt in Amsterdam.

Long term perspectives are created along the nice forrest roads.

Understanding the mechanics and economics of different cultures and societies is important. to find the right conduits is therefore important. Nijenrode is a good place to get further.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The sun is coming out again. Let's bring some colour back into the world. Second laptop carry case, vivid enough not to be overlooked

With overall comms quality improving all the time, the command and control centres do not have to be manned all the time :)

The industry is helping to still be effective within this rule of thumb. Apple ensures a very niffty cabling and powering, Cisco provides high qualtiy Voip with great phones. Good environment to get things done.

The core of communication equipment is moved around in the circle bag, designed by Hella Jongerius. The facts are simple, if it does not fit in the bag, it is not carried around. The only way for me to avoid carrying more and more stuff around in bigger and bigger bags. Still have Brigitte in Germany to thank for this simple but effective rule of thumb.

When travelling it is convenient to be able to park the car. In Amsterdam it is becoming increasingly difficult, but when possible such as here, it is very handy.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Interacting with a donkey IA IA IA

The reversed of a tunnel vision.

Roderick and Duarte exploring the animal farm. What a lot of nice and interesting things to see.

Duarte was in great shape. The little man eats like a wolf and is full of energy. Great to see after a difficult start.

Roderick's mother is interested in the latest and greatest stories. Roderick is fairly sceptical about both the stories and the offering for becoming a subscriber of this magazine.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I am working on a presentation for the IPTV forum in Stockholm I am chairing beginning of April. This picture with a story about Mustard as a condiment will be used. Intriguing or?

Part of creating the Easter table is putting flowers into a vase. But first those have to be cut a little, with the 'big' scissors.

Part of ensuring that we give our little man a pratical guidance into the Catholic religion, we make a nice 'easter table' with him so that he learns to understand the elements of the ceremonies. Eating eggs and playing with the chicken are of course more interesting.