Friday, July 29, 2005

Time to take a break. Today the Adsl connection was cut before the due date of August 1. They offered me an interesting dilemma, live without Dsl for a few days before the break or try to reschedule the mechanic coming over. Whilst trying to arrange the latter, the voice during the waiting told that 'it was very busy, please try later'. Therefore two conclusions: UMTS is always handy and secondly it is the right time to take a break and live with a little less 'on-line oxygen'.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Top view of the burned bike, showing where once the little seat for Roderick was. A real shame to see the decay of society, where people burn people's bikes with kid seats just for their own few moments of fun.

One very sad thing happend to Caroline's new bike. Some vandal or let us just say it as it is, criminal, burned down her new bike.

Vandalism and criminality are becoming very high here in Amsterdam. Despite the official figures apparently going down, the encounters we have are going up. These kind of signs, stating that inside the car there are no valuables, one seems more and more.

Friday, July 22, 2005

I must admit I cannot recollect to whom the foot belongs left on the picture. The hight and angle seem akward even in the Mondriaan room of PWC in Amsterdam. Peter obviously does not understand the need for Krijn to give in to his crackberry addiction in the door....

An interesting combination of companies in this building, office furniture and ISP. Car trouble seems to effect both...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A wonderfull view that brings inspiration.

The crane track will become the foundation of an exciting new building for media companies, what an atmosphere it has.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The view from the IJ kantine is fabulous, all the typical Dutch elements are available, sun, water, ship and digital creativity.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Discussing fiber in a building with a lot of glass seems appropriate

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Duarte enjoying being wrapped up in towels after a cold swim.

Giullia and Roderick put the Pokemon stickers all over themselves. We hope he will not go for the same amount of tatoos later on ....

Visiting my mother it is striking how tall he is becoming. Only still in the lion's box. Next step in probably a few months will be the monkey.

Roderick's first cricket tournament was full of excitement. No less then three games were played in which he batted each game. Despite the big effort put in by VRA under 7, unfortunately they did not win.

Friday, July 15, 2005

With the mini came the full wireless community. A bluetooth keyboard and mouse and airport express Wifi.I must admit that Apple is extremely good in creating high quality products that work straight out of the box.

Setting up the new Mac mini takes a lot of cables...but it is a very nice quiet piece of kit, that was humming away in no time. The humming in a virtual meaning of course, since the little mini is dead quiet.

At my favourite Mac dealership, Mac Warehouse in Uitgeest, they have an old iMac (or is it an old eMac?) with games. Roderick was fascinated and of course wanted one too.

Looking at some city transportation, I am in for a 'brommer' to bring me anywhere in town. Since the new model is introduced only two months ago and the holidays in Italy have started, there is no quick delivery to be expected.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Followed by Roderick showing off his car racing skills to Beau and Dex.

After a long hot day celebrating mama's birthday, it is nice for the kids to eat outside with the little feet in some water after running around in the park for hours.

Telecommunications and media in a convergent world, naturally have a banking edge. Talking to 'the' bank about such topics is a logical choice.

A true mile stone, my photostream on has been viewed over 10.000 times since the inception of it in September last year. The next 0 to add to the total will most likely take a little longer.....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Roderick sports the 'tough' look to impress Giulia.....

Roderick then tries to explain the fine art of cricket to Duarte. Both they both conclude he might just be a little too young.

The true fast bowling mentality comes out, espcially with the Pokemon ball in hand. Cricket is great.

After a slow start, with Roderick 'watching the cat out of the tree' as we say here in Holland...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Big crowds II, all for fish and jazz of course...

Big crowds at North Sea Jazz in The Hague.

Memory of Japan that could have come in handy, if only rain had been timed differently....

One of the egocasters main tools, podcasting. explained for those wanna be stars. A good audio review (podcast) can be found at

At Paradiso many new and established bands play great gigs. With the image capture qualities of fabchannel some amazing video documents are created.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The summer morning sun, tempting as the leica loves good light and get's the best out of its lens.

After the play it was time to eat and play outside. The kids loved all the finger food and Roderick played on untill late, only to fall asleep on the floor as soon as he came home. What a nice day and lovely to have such a nice kid.

As always he is a little shy, or maybe he is just looking what is going on first, before diving in.....

The highlight of the day was Roderick's second piece of drama he appeared in this year in which he played one of the 'blue' people and he even has some lines to sing too.

Yesterday Caroline and I had our 13th wedding year anniversary with hopefully many more to come. We spend most of the day just relaxing in town. The geek in me of course had to stop by the Apple store to get some more RAM for my notebook (stacked to the max now) and I quickly took this shot of a dual G5. Which might be my next Apple or otherwise the mini...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fooling around with Harry Potter glasses.

The 'remain seated' -sign did not impress much.

Rather then shopping, taking the big wheel again is much much nicer. Especially when you can show of to mama.

Bouncing around in a shoe store is of course always funny.

Roderick was quickly fed up with the sales. Woo Hoo, no Woo Hoo...

The sale period also implies some more work on the window displays. So even the grandest of bookstores is doing something special.

Sale! Woo Hoo! several times a year all for almost free...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Roderick was fascinated by the pigeons. Never had he seen so many together (apart from Dam square of course)

Roderick spinning the ambulance wheel.

The video conversation between Milano and Ede was great fun and very interesting indeed. Maybe Fred could start a show like this, as it gives very entertaining material. The format is very promising and the entire audience is awaiting the launch with true eagerness.

And then Fred got all set to communicate with the Italian partners in the new tv-format Mobilion will be launching shortly.

Whilst they were in the air, the audience was discussing the presentations sofar and the airshow.

But before Fred would take the centre stage we all went out to see Adam Curry pick up Johan and Theo with his heli(curry)copter.

Whilst Johan and Theo were speeching, Fred had some time to pose for the photographer.