Monday, May 30, 2005

The first students are moving in, adding even more future proofness of the area.They are being housed in very colourful locations. Easily to be reached over water, road, by car or by bike.

Buildings on a location that will change the face of the creative industries in Amsterdam. Lots of potential to come, especially with the right (fiber) infrastructure in place. Transport infrastructure has always been a major advantage of Amsterdam, whether phyisical like the water or digital.

The skate board rink high up again the hall's ceiling. One of many activities on the terrain.

The big hall is being cleaned up and the first companies, organisations, artists and sofort are moving in the newly built office spaces. Quite an improvement since a couple of weeks ago.

He showed me the remains of de houten kop. The restaurant/bar on the NDSM terrain. Burned down to the ground a couple of weeks ago, potentially to be rebuilt in the next months.

It was nice meeting Adriaan again after not seeing him for a couple of weeks. He had been busy and so was I.

Shipbuilding remains an impressive activity, where even a rivership has a big footprint.

Creating new ships was once a big activity in Amsterdam. Nowadays it happens much less frequent.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The view straight through the looking glass.

The interview seen from the control room.

Whilst Vincent is lounging on the couch, Roel and Frits are in an interview.

Vincent is lounging with the blackberry close to the ear.

Question to all: where is the beamer? The only asset is not around.

Meeting in the centre of political news and activity.

Krijn cannot stop smirking. the surrounds are too funny.

Dre is a master in the Dutch language, therefor e a visit to the magazine 'Our Language' was long overdue.

Great statue in The Hague.

Beautiful wheather today. Top down, cap up. drive and enjoy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

After having had lunch with Fred, discussing new media formats, I passed by this group of akwardly made up girls. One would expect such an activity in September as the students clubs are greeting their new members. No idea what this was, should have asked. Maybe it is a commercial??

'Creating a sense of belonging' is the theme for the Ashridge Benelux Programme. Having a nice dinner (actually impressed by the food after some lesser experiences in the past) with Ron and Maurice created the foundation for setting up and activating the Ashride Alumni programme for the Benelux. If all goes well we will be creating an event that reflects our memories and the qualities of Ashridge.

Ensuring the right infrastructure requires meeting up with those that have ducts, fibers, cables and plans. Positive to see that so much effort has been put into creating a foundation of broadband. Recent research shows The Netherlands being the number 1 broadbandcountry in Europe.

After 10 days my Vaio was fully functioning again. The motherboard (basically the computer without the case nowadays) had to be replaced. I was very happy that my harddisk had not been erased, so after doing the regular updates on a Windows device (all kinds of virus, spyware and other updates) the MP5 is ready to roll again. Happy to have it back as together with the IBM T 41 and the Powerbook it is my happy mobile trio.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Given the heavy wind Roderick is keen to eat his waffles as quickly as possible. Otherwise they might blow away....

A relic from the unfortunate wooden head bar/restaurant that burnt down a couple of weeks ago on the NDSM terrain. At you can follow what will be happening next.

With the heavy winds the blue sky and the water, Blijburg is a very nice place to be on a sunny Sunday.

Only a couple of kilometres away, we find at the sea.

A beautful day to take advantage of Holland being surrounded by water.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

One of the very nice features in OS X is the possibility to have all windows moved in frame by a simple swipe or function button.Usefull when you have a lot of windows open like I have. Since the update to Tiger 10.4.1 things are much smoother. In short I am getting the hang of it. Which is important as I will be using the kit as main media systems for the Japan trip.

The battery issue luckily did not concern my Powerbook. The product recall was for specific series of batteries, not the one I have. So I could spend my time getting things sorted, such as using my 60 GB Photopod as back up drive between my Sony/IBM and Apple. I use the Shuffle for podcasts. Finally I got the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset to work with too. In all a good day.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Given that the website did not take the battery details, I called support and a little over 15 minutes later I talked to Guido. I'll keep you posted on the progression and in the meantime I will not let the Powerbook unattended....

Creating a potential fireplace of your home. The documentation on the Apple site says that six users have sent in their complaints.

A battery problem seems to create potentially hazardous situations...

Being an Apple convert (ok I still use Sony/IBM PC's too), I am experiencing the great (look, feel, smooth, iPod, iSight etc) and the interesting - the product recall.

At Telegraaf parking is well taken care of for visitors, making efficient meetings possible.

To avoid people doing to much overtime, we see more and more of these signs. Although some employers suggest taking the stairs outside office hours.

Technology is centered around the water (IJ) in Amsterdam. Indeed difficult to see how it could be not...

Unfortunately more and more security measures are taken in our beautiful city. Either to keep people out or keep people in....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fortunately the other building was already wrapped up.

Only to find the real estate has already been sold through

Initially I got out on the wrong canal...

But people get spoiled with all the luxury around them, very crafty done though this window display.

It is nice when people say sorry when things change.

Voting for the European constitution - The burger (citizen) will be king.

The North part of Amsterdam will have an internationally renowned creative sector.

4 and 7 are crucial to get things going.

To ensure the attractiveness of Amsterdam to the creative community, many organisations are working together to achieve this goal.