Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The opportunity to facilitate discussion on innovation with a large group of decision makers and influencers and to be able to share the advise and suggestions with the Dutch Innovation Platform is unique. Yesterday the fifth Diner Pensant took place with exactly that theme and purpose. Following interesting and challenging keynotes by Joop Sistermans, member of the Innovation Platform and TNO and Sony, we had interactive group discussions, that were mindmapped. Dorrit Gruijters and I took the input from both the discussions and the seperate suggestions that came in and turned those in some practical and strategical suggestions, that included among others to ensure stimulation on innovation and entrepreneurship from early school days onwards, the inclusion of international corporates in Dutch innovation and the acceleration of standard setting to ensure quick deployments. Dorrit and I offered the suggestions to Joop Sistermans and they will be presented further today during the National Innovation Event. Again I was lucky (and maybe my readers too :) ) to have Adriaan Verstijnen around to capture what was going on in his high quality pictures.

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