Monday, September 01, 2008

The great thing of new media tools becomes clear when using those yourself. I did an interview with Erwin Blom on the Dutch start up scene through Skype. You can find the interview here at Checklist. Innovation, pioneering, start ups are of great interest in my professional and private life. The interview is in Dutch only.
(Indeed, I could have done something on the background as it is a little messy (due to the fact that I had to get into the interview straight after arriving home...).)

Only a few years ago, this interview would have been complex and expensive to set up and conduct, now it is a few seconds of setting up the Skype connection and connecting some very affordable pieces of kit.
For example the sound is good though since I used the microphone that I bought for podcasting purposes around Blognomics; the Samson C01U. The camera is an iSight (discontinued unfortunately) connected to my home Mac Pro.

Erwin used a similar set-up too and it would be interesting to hear more about his software and editing software he used for the interview.

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