Thursday, December 11, 2008

LeWeb08 is over... I am back in Amsterdam… Having had some time to reflect during the journey home, I thought back at LesBlogs were it all started. A fascinating small get-together with 200 people from all over the world…. No distinction between rock-stars and others, all digital pioneers willing to share, meet each other, work on ideas and full of entrepreneurship.

In this years edition Loïc and Geraldine and their team have done a fantastic job again. A programme with speakers that are industry changers, 1500 people to create a vibe second to none, themes that will be on the agenda for the next years to come, easy access to everybody at anytime. What more would you like to have?

Reflecting it appears that the foundation is still there that started at LesBlogs and Loïc has created a scalable format that brings together a lot of good things. In all fast growing environments the pace will bring some side effects, but I believe it is better to enjoy what is being achieved over focussing on small side issues. If the team keeps going at it at this pace, LeWeb will become the institution it deserves to be.

Finally it was wonderful to see Loïc and Geraldine enjoying themselves so much!

The pictures are here.

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